Making Complex Sales Simpler

16 Nov 2017 by David

Complex sales can be defined as those with two basic characteristics. First, they involve lengthy sell cycles: They require more than one sales call, and they involve a series of milestones that must be completed in a particular order.

Second, they involve multiple buyer types. That is, instead of just an ultimate decision maker, you also may be dealing with what Action Selling describes as User Buyers and Specialist Buyers. Before you can close a deal, all three types have to be “sold.” In fact, before you can proceed from one milestone to the next, one or more of the buyer types have to be sold on the idea of moving forward. And they all have different decision-making criteria.


Action Selling for Complex Sales

Everything about the Action Selling System applies to a complex sales environment as much as it does to a single sales call. The Nine Acts unfold as always. The Five Critical Sales Skills are essential. But those five basic skills – managing the buyer/seller relationship; sales call planning; questioning skills; presentation skills; and gaining commitment — all must be aimed at and adjusted for each milestone and each buyer type. For instance, you don’t ask the same questions or seek the same kinds of commitments from different buyer types at different milestones.

In a sales cycle with five milestones and three buyer types, the salesperson faces 15 possible situations in which each of the five critical skills must be applied. That’s 75 permutations (5 milestones x 3 buyer types x 5 skills). No wonder sales people get lost, make mistakes, and lose sales.

Action Selling 3D for all the Dimensions of the Complex Sale

So how can the process be simplified and sales performance improved? Our new Action Selling 3D program is geared specifically to teaching salespeople how to apply the Action Selling system in complex sales environments. Life gets simpler when you understand that no matter how long and winding the path, the same basic steps lead you forward.

Learn to effectively integrate Action Selling into your sales organization. We’ve trained over 3,000 companies world-wide to consistently achieve top sales performance.